Live streaming and creating webinars have proven to be some crucial advertising and even entertainment tools. The platforms offer great spaces for educational marketing and give chances for brands to get more exposure. One can find very affordable streaming platforms and here are a few tips to help you choose one that is great for your brand.

Technical Infrastructure

The first question you need to ask when looking for streaming service is if the technology available has 0.00% downtime. No one wants to host a video only for the audience to have a difficult time watching it because of downtimes. Also, does the site provide cloud hosting or dedicated server hosting?

Payment Channels

When it comes to choosing a paid live streaming platform, the deal must make sense. If you want to make money from the live stream, then you also need to get a platform that can accept various modes of payment. Consider that your audience is potentially from different countries with different payment methods; hence, your streaming service should support different currencies and provide security for their payment and private information.

Multi-Device Support

You want your audience to have access to your videos, whether using a computer, an iPad or a mobile phone. Remember, your viewers are accessing the Internet using different devices, including a television set or a mobile phone. Do not just focus on the web, TV and mobile, consider as many media boxes as there are in the world and try to maximise on all of them if possible.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

This is the network that shares content with your users as fast as possible, depending on their geographical location. A good streaming platform should have a reliable CDN. Check whether the CDN supports RTMP feeds, video streaming and the likes.

Remember, it is not always the cheapest or most expensive platform that works for your business but that which has the features you need.